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Murray State College Esports

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Rocket League


Rainbow Six



Dr. Aaron Elmer


Club or Team: Both

Esports Scholarships: Yes


Renovations to the Murray State College eSports facilities will be finished soon. This means that it is time to start recruiting eAthletes for our first season of competitions. We are currently looking for players to fill two Rocket League teams. If you think you have the skills to compete at the collegiate level, please fill out the application found here. Our campus will be taking all necessary precautions to make sure the fall semester is a safe and successful semester for our students. This is the perfect time for eSports to take center stage in the world of athletic competitions, because the unique nature of the competitive environment naturally lends itself to social distancing.  While other programs are postponing competitions until Spring, eSport lobbies will be full and eAthletes are ready for launch.  

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