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Oklahoma City University Esports

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Call of Duty


Rocket League

Super Smash Bros

League of Legends




Amy Cataldi

Beth Adele

Director Esports

Justin Shaw

Esports Coordinator

Club or Team: Both

Esports Scholarships: Yes



Esports at OCU offers competitive play, team building, and an opportunity to strengthen connections between students of all academic disciplines and interests. The program fields competitive teams in a variety of eSports. We believe esports is much more than just game play. Competition, Production, Community and Scholarship are our 4 piers of Esports leadership. Our physical wellness program focuses on wrist strength and eye strain, as well as basic cardio to keep our players as healthy as possible. Our mental wellness program includes workshops focused on esports students and their specific needs. Additionally, our Esports Management degree program partners with our esports team, so if you have interest in pursuing management and production in the esports world, you will gain hands-on experience directly in the esports industry. 

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