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UCO Esports

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Call of Duty
League of Legends



Rocket League
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Coach Ben Staudt

Coach Tyler Wallace


Club or Team: Both

Esports Scholarships: No



The esports community at UCO is ever-growing, with both club and team organizations providing an opportunity to get involved and represent the university at the collegiate level. They exist to promote competitive, collaborative, fun gaming but most importantly, to promote esports as a structured and educational sport.
In the Esports Media minor at UCO, students acquire skills in epsorts media productions, including live streaming and shoutcasting, to prepare them for jobs in the esports industry. The minor orients students to the cultural significance of esports and current practices in esports media production in order to successfully enter this dynamic industry.
Coursework brings students into the campus’ impressive and immersive gaming arena, CO-OP, and its shoutcasting and streaming production rooms. Students gain professional experience creating live streamed media for UCO’s esports teams in their intercollegiate competition.

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